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Identify partnerships

Sesame's CRM and Quest products are designed to help you identify and collaborate with other projects in order to grow your community and attract new members. In this walkthrough, we'll go over the features of each product and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Leveraging your Sesame CRM for Partnership Opportunities

The CRM helps you manage, track, and organize your onchain community, giving you the ability to identify potential partnerships with other projects. Here's how to use your CRM to its full potential:
  • Integrate your smart contracts: By integrating your smart contracts with our CRM, you'll be able to track and analyze the interactions of your community with your platform.
  • Analyze existing community members: Use the analytics of your NFT and token holders to create target personas and better understand your community. This information will be valuable when identifying potential partnership opportunities.
  • Study similar communities: Conduct a competitive analysis of similar communities, focusing on their net worth and other qualities. This information will help you determine areas for growth and improvement, as well as potential partnership opportunities.

Process: Competitive analysis & partnership opportunities

  1. 1.
    Create Active HNW cohort from members database.
  2. 2.
    Check insights about token ownership.
  3. 3.
    Check if member owns specific NFT(s).
  4. 4.
    Create secondary cohort Active HNW + owns other NFT(s).
  5. 5.
    Create Quest for other NFT community, requiring ownership of their NFT(s).

Running Collaborative Quests with Partners

By leveraging cohort insights, you can discover what other projects are the most popular with your community. You can use this to create data-driven quests, either (1) partnering with the target project on a collaborative quest they help promote or (2) appealing to their community to engage with your project. By collaborating with other projects, you can offer quests that incentivize their community members to participate in your community.
Here's how to run collaborative quests:
  • Identify potential partners: Use the information gathered from your CRM and competitive analysis to identify other projects that would make good partners.
  • Develop joint onboarding quests: Work with your partners to develop joint onboarding quests that introduce their community members to your platform and community. Offer open quests: Start with open quests that are easy to complete and require little commitment from the user. Examples include following your Twitter account, joining your Discord server, or entering their email.
  • Incentivize onchain tasks: Offer onchain tasks that encourage users to participate in your community, such as buying "starter NFTs" or tokens from both your and your partner's projects.
  • Partner with token-gated quests: Work with partners to offer token-gated quests that target their community members who hold NFTs or tokens. These quests should require the user to hold a specific token in order to participate.
  • Net worth requirements: To ensure the quality of potential new members, you can also require a minimum net worth across tokens or NFT value. This will help ensure that the quest is being taken seriously by potential users who are invested in both your communities.

Template for Partnership Quest

Key info to prepare for your quest:
  • Quest prize: jointly offered or by a single project
  • Eligibility requirement: Hold a NFT from partner project
  • Contract address: Addresses for partner project NFT
  • Winners chosen by Raffle or FCFS
  • Quest start/end date & time


Quest headline: Get on [Collection] Allowlist / Win [Prize]
Quest description:
We have partnered with [Project name] to host this quest to win [Prize]. Only [Add NFT or Token] holders can participate. If you do not yet own a [Add NFT or Token], you can buy one on [link Collection]. Winners will be chosen [by raffle or FCFC] . Follow the steps below for a chance to win!
We hope this tutorial has been helpful in explaining how to use Sesame's CRM and Quest products to identify and collaborate with other projects. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please reach out to our support team. Good luck growing your community through partnerships!