Best practices to get started

Now that you've successfully setup your Community Hub (and Discord Bot), you'll want to make sure your community (and the world) knows where to go and what to do.
You will be able to easily share your Hub link from the Getting started screen. This is the first step toward activating your community on Community Hub. But there's more to do.
We have compiled some best practices for getting started based on insights from over 1M+ community actions. Please do consider implementing as much of this list as possible:
  • Share your Community Hub link on all social media. We provide some suggested copy for your social post, but feel free to customize it for your community.
  • Not sure what to say? Here's a draft announcement to get you started:
🌟 Exciting news! 🌟
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new {community name} Community Hub!
Why join?
🚀 Complete quests to earn Credits
🏆 Compete for leaderboard dominance
💵 Spend Credits for cool prizes and swag
🔗 Ready to explore? Check it out here: [Link]
  • Include links to your Community Hub on your web properties. This can be your homepage, docs, forums, and even your app.
    • Consider placing Community Hub into your navigation for the most visibility.
  • Include a link to Community Hub on Reddit.
  • Include a link to Community Hub on your YouTube channel.
  • Include a link to your Discord server on social media profiles
  • Share new quests directly on social media. Alternatively, promote Community Hub via social posts once per week.