What do I do if the Twitter API goes down? Will my Twitter quests still work?

Sometimes even the most robust infrastructure goes down. If that happens with the Twitter API, rest assured that we have developed a fallback "escape hatch" to keep your Twitter quests running smoothly at all times.

In the case that the Twitter API goes down, we make it easy for the quest participant to submit a screenshot as proof of their completed action. The escape hatch gives Community Hub admins the ability to manually verify Twitter actions via review of photo submissions.

Soon, we'll bring this escape hatch to your Discord server via a dedicated manual verification channel.

How can you help web2 businesses take advantage of community growth and engagement in web3?

The challenge for web2 businesses looking to launch a web3 presence and community is two-fold.

  • Reach existing customers where they ingest content or gather as a community?

  • Build the foundation for a web3 community that is ready to welcome new and existing web2 members.

Sesame Labs provides the most value for brands and communities with an existing web3 footprint and a sizable community.

And, Sesame Labs is happy to work with web2 brands to build new touchpoints in web3. We offer community launch and marketing frameworks as well as co-marketing support to ensure your campaigns and growth plans hit their mark.

Who is the intended user of this no-code tool, and who in an organization would benefit most from its usage?

This no-code tool is designed primarily for senior marketing teams and community management professionals. However, anyone involved in community marketing and user engagement can effectively utilize this tool to enhance their workflow and achieve their goals.

How are you better than other quest-to-earn or crypto marketing startups?

Sesame's platform stands apart in the quest-to-earn and crypto marketing space due to its robust user engagement tools, adaptability, and growth potential. We offer a complete solution that not only stimulates on-chain activities but also enhances in-app engagement and user recruitment. Our platform is distinctively designed to focus on your specific project, unlike many other startups such as Zealy that centers around its own brand and project discovery.

We offer unique features such as:

  1. Comprehensive Integration: Our system incorporates data from in-app, on-chain, social media, and even in-person interactions via QR codes or attendance, to create tailored quests.

  2. Advanced Spam Protection: We prioritize user quality over quantity, employing features like IP fingerprinting, inspection of wallet interactions with malicious contracts, and wallet age.

  3. White-label Solutions: Our platform can be customized to reflect your project's brand across your URL, Discord server, or our in-app widget.

  4. Discord Bot: This allows users to achieve check-ins and other milestones without leaving your community's server.

  5. Wide Social Integrations: We offer an extensive array of social integrations for wider reach.

  6. Dedicated Customer Support: We provide bespoke support to ensure our clients maximize the benefits of our platform.

  7. Free to use: Community Hub is free to use for all admins and mods of communities everywhere.

What blockchains do you support?

We currently support Polygon and EVM compatible chains with many more on our roadmap. Sign up to our blog get updated when we launch our next protocol.

Our API can intake any event data from your application, so we can readily absorb data recorded from other blockchain networks. Even if we do not yet natively support certain chains, we can still capture and use their events within our application.

Where is your publicly-facing roadmap?

Our publicly facing product roadmap is here on Canny and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas.

What does your API do?

Our API simplifies the process for your team to provide us with any off-chain milestone data. This allows us to effectively track progress in real-time and confirm the completion of quests and milestones within your app.

Do you provide any customized development support?

We offer custom development support for our enterprise clients, be it integration with a new blockchain, social media integration, or administrative features. We take pride in our rapid pace of innovation and development, which is our competitive advantage.

For any specific questions, feel free to contact us at info@sesamelabs.network or connect with us directly within our Discord community.

How do I change the spam ratings of users or disqualify them from a quest?

Through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you have two options for handling suspicious activity. You can either flag the participant's wallet as potential spam for future reference, or if necessary, you can opt to entirely remove the participant from the platform.

Onboarding & Pricing

What is your pricing model?

Community Hub is free to use

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is here

If your question isn't answered here, please email support@sesamelabs.network or visit our Discord and ask us.

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