Event-based quest

These are multi-step quests that string together a combination of actions related to a specific event or a larger campaign. Think of event-based quests as a sequence of mini-quests.

Event-based quests are best used to amplify engagement around launches and time-bound campaigns.

In addition to supporting multiple, sequenced actions, event-based quests also offer much more flexibility compared to mini-quests:


Event-based quests are required to run for a specific period of time. Ideally this timing aligns with a campaign or launch activities, but the timing is fully configurable by the Admin of your Community Hub.


This feature restricts access to a event-based quest according to eligibility filters put in place by the Admin of your Community Hub.

The default option here is set to "Open to everyone".

For those looking to generate more targeted engagement, eligibility can be restricted based on:

  • Net worth

    • Screen for participants whose net worth falls within a certain range.

  • NFT (non-fungible token) holdings

    • Filter participants based on whether they hold an NFT from a specific collection.

  • Token holdings

    • Filter participants based on whether they hold a certain token in their wallet

  • Discord role

    • Filter participants based on whether they have a specific Discord role


Every step in an event-based quest must be completed in order to qualify for the associated rewards and prize(s).

Event-based quests require at least one defined step. There is no limit to the number of steps that can be combined in a giveaway quest.

Every step can be configured with a variety of Actions. (More on Actions below)


In addition to the quest rewards (XP + credits), Event-based quests can award an additional "Prize" via raffle to all participants. The raffle is conducted after the time-bound event has ended.

The prize can be:

  • NFT

  • Token

  • Custom (off-chain & physical prizes)

Depending on the number of prizes offered, the Admin of your Community Hub can setup rules that determine the:

  • Number of winners

  • How many prizes each winner will receive.

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