Community Hubs are managed by two types of users: admins and moderators.


All Admins are granted superuser permissions and have the ability to modify the Community Hub itself, create/publish/pause/delete Quests, and moderate users and content. As you might expect, the Admin role can interact with every feature and editable component of a Community Hub.
At minimum, there must always be at least 1 Admin role assigned at all times.
The Admin role is necessary and sufficient. You can manage an entire Community Hub with just a single Admin.


The Moderator role is intended to assist the Admin with moderation duties. This role is restricted from making Community Hub-wide changes, creating or modifying Quests.
The Moderator is granted permissions to:
1) Review submissions (meme contests, photo proof, etc.) for quality and eligibility. 2) View existing Quests and associated Quest details.