Actions are the specific task that a participant is required to complete to unlock the next Milestone (step). Every Milestone has a specific Action.

We're always adding new integrations to expand our list of supported Actions. Here is the current list of possible Actions today:

(Twitter Rush is highly configurable. See Bot Commands for more details)


Follow, Tweet, Like, Comment, Retweet


Join, CheckIn


Buy Token, Sell Token, Burn Token, Mint Token, Own Token, Buy NFT, Sell NFT, Burn NFT, Mint NFT, Own NFT, Smart Contract Interaction


In-dApp Event, Email, Join Telegram, Visit URL, Referral Promo Code, Post Media, Meme Contest, View Instagram Post, View Instagram Profile, Youtube Comment, Youtube Like, Subscribe to YouTube Channel, Watch Youtube Video, Photo Proof, URL Proof, Twitter Rush (like, retweet, comment)

  • Social activities

    • Visit URL

    • Submit email

    • Join a Discord server

    • Follow a Twitter account

    • Tweet with a specific hashtag (e.g., #MetaverseCup)

    • Comment on a specific tweet

    • Retweet a specific tweet

    • View Instagram Post

    • View Instagram Profile

    • Youtube Comment

    • Youtube Like

    • Subscribe to YouTube Channel

    • Watch Youtube Video

  • In-dApp activities (API), such as:

    • Leaderboard achievements (e.g., within top 50 most wins in paid races, top 5 fastest time per race)

    • Play (a number of) games

    • Participate in a new feature (e.g., borrowing)

    • Sign up on site

  • On-chain activities

    • Mint

    • Buy

    • Sell

    • Burn

    • Deposit

    • Any other smart contract interaction on supported chains

  • Other off-chain activities

    • Join Telegram

    • Referral Promo Code

    • Post Media

    • Meme Contest

    • Photo Proof

    • URL Proof

Future actions

  • Off-chain

    • Promo code / text submission

  • Discord

    • Post on a specific channel

    • Achieve a Discord role

    • React to a specific announcement/message

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