Achieve the highest level of brand integration with a Community Hub that looks native to your website & dApp.
The iframe can be customized by passing in a configuration JSON object to the name attribute. Here are a list of possible configuration flags / keys
We are actively working on customization. More customization keys will be available soon, but don't hesitate to reach out if you want something specific!
  • hideLogo - boolean - default false - true if you want to hide the top left logo, false o.w.
Shows logo by default
Hides logo
  • overrideWidth - number, px - default 1160 - overrides the content width of the page
    • This does not affect smaller breakpoints
Overrides the width of the main content block
  • leftNavBar - boolean - default false - true if you want the nav bar links to be left aligned, false o.w.
    • This is usually used with alignedNavBar: true
    • This is usually used with hideLogo: true as the logo has position absolute
leftNavBar toggled to true with hideLogo
default behavior of leftNavBar with hideLogo
  • alignedNavBar - boolean - default false - true if you want the nav bar to be aligned with the quest cards, false o.w.
    alignedNavBar set to true
alignedNavBar defaults to false
<iframe src=".." name='{"hideLogo": true, "overrideWidth": 1360, "leftNavBar": true, "alignedNavBar": true}"></iframe>
hideLogo, overrideWidth, leftNavBar, alignedNavBar