Rewards store

The Azra Games Store is a great example of a comprehensive branded store.
This is the final destination for Credits. Because we believe that rewards should reinforce your brand, we provide our white-label Rewards Storefront to all customers to ensure a consistent, branded experience.
Your Community Hub comes out of the box with a branded store. It's designed to be flexible to your needs, allowing you to list any physical or virtual goods, and even services (like subscriptions).
Simply upload an image, add a description, and set the cost of the store item. That's all it takes to get your branded storefront up and running!

Cheat Sheet

Here are some examples of items you can list in the store:

Digital Goods

  • NFTs
  • Tokens
  • Gift cards
  • Subscriptions (publications, streaming platforms, digital tools)

Physical Goods

  • Branded merch (e.g., t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers)
  • Branded gadgets (e.g., headphones, power banks, international plug adapters)
  • Art prints and posters
  • Comics
  • Collectibles

Virtual Items

  • Exclusive in-game perks and power-ups
  • Special character skins and outfits
  • In-game credits
  • Virtual event tickets and access to exclusive events


  • Meetup event - Meet-and-greet with the team
  • Mystery boxes containing random items (digital or physical)
  • Time-limited access to exclusive content or features
  • Signed storyboards

Coming soon

  • We're working on fully automated on-chain rewards disbursement as well as a fulfillment solution.
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