Custom quest management to put a spotlight on high priority quests & to support any user journey

Groups make it easy to organize & rearrange your Community Hub quests.

Quests are organized into "Groups", allowing them to be categorized by type or specific user journeys (eg. onboarding, learning, etc.)

When creating a new quest, you'll be given the option to add the quest to any of your existing groups. This is done via a dropdown menu.

Group naming

Group names are editable. We've pre-populated your Community Hub with some standard groups. If you'd like to change the names of pre-populated groups (or any group that you create yourself), simply hover over the group name and click the "edit" icon.

Group creation and ordering

Creating a new group is easy. Re-ordering your groups is even easier!

To create a new group, simply scroll to the bottom of your Quests list, and look for the "New group" button. Click, name, and you're all set!

Quest ordering

Both quests and groups can be re-ordered by any Community Hub admin.

To change the order or your quests within a given group, drag and drop your target quest into its desired location. All changes made to quest ordering will be seen by your Community Hub participants in near real-time.

To change the order of your groups, simply drag and drop the group into its desired position.

Yes, it's really that easy.

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