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Your entire Community Hub, condensed down to an embedded widget, deployable on any web property.

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Your brand, your web properties, the deepest of integrations.

Sesame Labs Widget is an embedded widget that brings the full power of Community Hub to any web property. With a leaderboard and the rewards store neatly packaged together, your users never have to leave your platform.

White-label capabilities

Customize Widget to your brand to ensure a seamless user experience. Some of our customization features are listed below. If you need a specific white-label option not listed below, let's chat. We're happy to build a solution that fits your needs.

  • Colors

  • Type

  • Logos

  • Open/close animations

Incentivized website engagement

Direct integration with web properties opens the door to new user journeys. Imagine incentivizing specific user flows through your website. Then imagine incentivizing specific actions on your website with automated rewards disbursement to the user.

Widget makes that possible:

  • Incentivize specific user flows

  • Incentivize specific interactions (click, open/close, download, etc.)

  • Automated rewards disbursement

  • User journey-mapped quests

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