Welcome to Sesame Labs

What is Sesame Labs? What do we do? And, most importantly, how can we help you?
Real users. Real growth. Web3 engagement that just works.
Better attract, engage with, and track community activity on-chain, on web, and in-dApp. Our white-label web3 marketing platform integrates deeply with all your web properties & dApp, detects spam, amplifies community activities across all channels, and is Sybil-hardened to fight fraud.
Orchestrate your community engagement activities across all your channels and automate rewards disbursement to exceed your marketing objectives while saving time and hassle.


Our mission is to help web3 brands supercharge their community growth & engagement efforts, with a focus on quality users. We like to think of ourselves as the “open sesame” command that unlocks the full potential of your community.


Our flagship app is the Community Hub.
Community Hubs coordinate community members' engagement activities using Quests. Every Community Hub includes a branded storefront for automated prize fulfillment and an actionable Discord bot that completes Quest actions from within your server.
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