⚠️Fraud detection

Sesame Labs' takes quality seriously when it comes to community engagement and growth. The value of your community is directly tied to the quality of those users.

It's such a trivial task for web3 anons to create multiple wallets and social accounts, there's no mystery as to why airdrop and quest farming is so pervasive.

We consider this fraud and have developed (and continue to optimize) various detection systems to help you better understand your community and filter out spam.


We use on-chain heuristics to determine if a participant's wallet is likely to be unique or part of a group of wallets tied to the same participant. This helps prevent fraudulent behavior like airdrop farming.

Social signals

When possible, we use social signals from Twitter, Discord, (and soon Instagram),

Automated image detection

Our fraud detection even protects you against quest farmers. The most common example here is for a meme contest. We screen all submitted memes for ensure they are unique and eligible for the contest. This saves community managers and mods the time and hassle of manually reviewing every submission.

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