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Quests are live competitions in which your audience completes a customized series of onchain and social media tasks to win prizes.

1. Basic Information

Quest title

The headline or title of your quest helps visitors understand why they are on your quest page. Make sure your headline is clear, specific, and concise. It will be the difference between visitors starting the quest or leaving.
A compelling headline follows the format [ACTION VERB] + [PRIZE] and is less than 40 characters. You will be able to explain the quest in more detail in the description.
  • Action verb examples: win, earn, get
  • Prize description example: $100 USD in Total NFT Prizes!
Your headline should convey:
  • That participants are entering a competition
  • What prize they will win
  • What company or collection the prize belongs to



First, make sure your audience knows who is eligible to participate and how winners are chosen. You can currently restrict eligibility to the participant holding an NFT from a specific collection (or even with a specific attribute from that collection or a specific cryptocurrency. You can also require a minimum total wallet balance.


Your description should also start with explaining (and compelling your audience to win) the prize — whether it’s an allowlist/whitelist spot, NFT, or cash/cryptocurrency giveaway. If it’s more than a straightforward cash prize, focus on its value, utility, rarity, special features, etc. If you have a page or article with more info, this is a good place to link to it.
Only {collection} holders can participate in this quest to win $100 USD value in {$token} / to earn a spot on our allowlist for {upcoming NFT drop}. If you do not yet own a {NFT}, you can buy one on {NFT marketplace}. Winners will be chosen by raffle.
Next, make clear what actions the quest participant must complete for a chance to win the prize. Even though it’s clear within the Milestones below, it’s important to mention that they must complete all steps to win.
For a chance to win, you must complete ALL of the following milestones.
Privacy is an especially important topic across WEB3 communities. You may also wish to add a privacy disclaimer to let participants know how their privacy will remain protected after connecting
Please note: By connecting any of your wallet or social media accounts, you are granting read-only permissions for the purpose of validating you have completed these tasks. We do not share your information with any 3rd-parties and you can read our data privacy policy here.
Lastly, we recommend including an about section briefly describing your project, including any important links for easy access.
About Sesame Labs Sesame Labs is on a mission to connect community members to their favorite dApps through a trusted engagement channel made for web3. Our goal is to empower dApps with the most sophisticated tools to understand their communities, as well as engaging members with powerful campaigns and competitions called as Quests. For community members, we aim for Sesame Labs to be a primary destination to discover, engage, and earn rewards with Web3 dApps, while making sure there is no risk of scams.

Cover image

The most dominant part of your Quest page is the cover image. Keep it visual (no text in image) and make sure there is a clear focal point rather than a busy image with many elements. The content should be relevant, colorful, and exciting/attention-grabbing.
Your cover image’s dimensions should be at least 2304 × 1296px with a 16:9 aspect ratio and either WebP, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Recommended: 2304 × 1296 px at 1x density (equal to 768 × 432 px at 3x density)
  • File size: <200 KB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (landscape)
  • Recommended Format: WebP, JPEG, or PNG
WebP has excellent compression which helps your quest page load faster. You can convert images to WebP using a variety of online converters. Here is one.
Download template:
Quest cover image template - 2304x1296.psd

Quest URL

This is the unique URL for your quest, and will be the same whether you share the published or preview version. The slug is the last part of the URL address that serves as a unique identifier of the page. Although it is automatically created based on the title of your quest, you can edit it to make it shorter or easier on the eyes.

2. Reward

Reward type

Here you can choose an NFT, Cryptocurrency Token, or Custom prize for your quest winners. For the NFT or Token options, simply enter the contract address or search by its specific name. This will automatically find and populate the onchain asset you plan to award your winners!
For offchain prizes, choose the "Custom" option. This will also allow you to choose the image that represents your reward, whether it's company swag or a traditional gift card.

Quest prize image

For Custom rewards, the image of the prize should be clear and self-explanatory. This could be an example of the item that participants can win or — if it’s for an allowlist spot — an image of what the allowlist gives access to.
Your prize image’s dimensions should be at least 360 × 360px with a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio and either WebP, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Recommended: 360 × 360 at 1x density (equal to 120 × 120 px at 3x density)
  • File size: <100 KB
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square)
  • Recommended Format: WebP, JPEG, or PNG
Download template:
Custom reward image - 360x360.psd

3. Timing

A quest must have a future launch date and time, as well as a definite end date and time. Once you publish your quest live, it will start showing a countdown timer in the top left until launch time!

4. Eligibility

You are free to make your quest open to everyone! However, if you want to make it more exclusive, you can gate your quest based on (1) networth of the participant's total wallet holdings, (2) holding a specific NFT, (3) holding a specific token.
This is simply to screen who gets to participate. If you want new community members to buy new NFTs or in-game Tokens, we recommend adding a milestone to make an onchain purchase.


Milestones are the actions that you want your community members to take. They must achieve all milestones by the deadline you decide for a chance to win the quest prize.

Milestone options

You can choose from the following Discord, Twitter, and onchain milestones. More options will be added over time.
  • Social activities
    • Visit URL
    • Submit email
    • Join a Discord server
    • Follow a Twitter account
    • Tweet with a specific hashtag (e.g., #MetaverseCup)
    • Comment on a specific tweet
    • Retweet a specific tweet
  • In-game activities (API), such as:
    • Leaderboard achievements (e.g., within top 50 most wins in paid races, top 5 fastest time per race)
    • Play (a number of) games
    • Participate in a new gameplay feature (e.g., borrowing)
    • Sign up on site
  • Onchain activities
    • Mint
    • Buy
    • Sell
    • Burn

Future Milestones on our roadmap

  • Discord
    • Post on a specific channel
    • Achieve a Discord role
    • React to a specific announcement/message