Product Docs


Sesame Labs is your omnichannel web3 marketing hub.


Sesame Labs marketing stack, includes a community engagement platform, campaign management platform, advertising network, and CRM tool. With Sesame, you have the tools to reach, engage, and attract users on the web, on the chain, and in-app through a unified campaign management platform.
Companies can develop targeted campaigns leveraging on-chain data, cross-channel insights, and in-game rewards. The easy-to-use quest manager enables user targeting and engagement, while segmentation technology incentivizes user action.
The unified user data view provides comprehensive audience and community understanding across web2 social, on-chain, and in-app platforms. We're transforming the way you connect with your audience. No more blind outreach or wasted resources. We provide smart, targeted campaigns that are easy to track, allowing you to engage with your community continually.
Boost your return on ad spend (ROAS) by targeting audiences more likely to convert, based on their profiles and behavior. Scale your user acquisition efforts more efficiently, enhancing efficacy and ROI. With us, you're not just spending less, you're achieving more.

Value Proposition

  • Boost user retention with our versatile, white-labeled community hub, which has a customizable URL, is seamlessly integrated with Discord, or effortlessly embedded within your app.
  • Tailor engagement across platforms most relevant to your project.
  • Track cross-platform activities comprehensively. As a few select examples:
    • Gaming Platforms may monitor NFT holdings, in-app logins, and interaction across Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.
    • DeFi Projects may monitor deposit duration and trading competition performance.
    • Layer 1s may monitor active token holders across cohort, their respective engagement across social platforms, and interaction with apps within their ecosystems.
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics for strategic optimization.
  • Prioritize quality interactions with our unique spam score system.